Liberal Lunacy: Not Babies … Theybies?

The Religion of Communism

Welcome to planet earth. This ever-changing world in which we live is a jungle of pleasantries and dangers, inhabited by a race of self-aware beings who are hardwired in such a way as to be generally right leaning or left leaning with regard to ideology; also termed traditionalist or progressive. This has been true throughout human history and these differing worldviews may have other variables and attributes that give rise to other subcategories but the basic similarities and differences are the same. The nature of a given argument, then, can be easily cataloged  into two schools of thought: conservative or liberal (not classic liberalism which was originally based on what we now term libertarianism). One believes that there are certain standards that must be upheld to maintain a healthy culture and society and the other believes that the universe is in flux and therefore no immutable truths exist and everything is subjective.

In the 20th century, the industrial age gave way to a plethora of wondrous inventions and technologies, lifted millions out of poverty and delivered food and water to the most remote and humble people groups on earth. A myriad medical advances saved millions of lives that would have otherwise been lost and the credit for this wave of prosperity and human decency goes strictly to western thought. Though we have our faults … many, many of them, we also have the capacity to do great good thanks to the principles expounded and adhered to by the western world at large. Christian values. Conservative values. Modern, enlightened values.

Today, however, we find ourselves fending off attacks from an insipid, impetuous, irrational ideology; a maleficent, maelstrom of malfeasance lurking around every corner. A twisted worldview that seeks to undo every gain that has been won by western thought and deed. A simple label for this would be post-modernism, but more specifically this evil ideology is good old-fashioned communism.

Most people younger than forty years old have little to no knowledge about the damage that this political theology has wreaked upon the earth, thanks mostly to the liberal socialist takeover of the education system in the last half of the nineteen-hundreds. That’s right, I said theology. The culture of communism is better defined as a cult of zealots. A belief system in which its adherents venerate their collective philosophy to the point of making it an idol or deity. The cult of communism is responsible for the deaths of an estimated low of 21 million souls to as many as 162 million, depending on the survey. One thing is clear, communism is an evil theological, ideological, philosophical worldview that has never been successful at anything other than the murder of innocence and national suicide.


So Why All The Hubbub, Bub?

In our modern America, we have been especially blessed with virtually unlimited resources, vast wealth and prosperity and great minds with profound, intelligent thought all due to the aforementioned enlightenment period and the industrial revolution. Now, the pendulum has begun to swing the other direction and those who do not know their history are doing their level best to repeat it. Along with overtures to past failures come the hypnotizing siren-songs of eugenics, population control through abortion and the extermination of those who can no longer contribute, i.e. the elderly and infirm.

Another area of great concern is the destruction of the nuclear family and the dissolution of marriage. We have now entered an era where one can choose the sex of their child or destroy it without batting an eye and anyone can marry anyone they choose, and in some places, any species they choose – including humanoids or simple machines. Yes, it is getting that silly.


Say Goodbye To Babies

Now, some parents have opted out of gender labels, deciding instead to let their children remain androgynous or “gender neutral/fluid,” insisting that they can make up their own minds with what sex they will identify after the arbitrary age of four. This is the direct result of post modern, communist thought and a radical liberal worldview. As enumerated in the 21st chapter of Frederick Engels’ “The Principles of Communism” the goal is to disassociate and neutralize sexual identity and disembowel the family unit and it’s precursor, traditional marriage.

From “The Principles of Communism” By Frederick Engels 1847

— 21 —
What will be the influence of communist society on the family?

It will transform the relations between the sexes into a purely private matter which concerns only the persons involved and into which society has no occasion to intervene. It can do this since it does away with private property and educates children on a communal basis, and in this way removes the two bases of traditional marriage – the dependence rooted in private property, of the women on the man, and of the children on the parents.

And here is the answer to the outcry of the highly moral philistines against the “community of women”. Community of women is a condition which belongs entirely to bourgeois society and which today finds its complete expression in prostitution. But prostitution is based on private property and falls with it. Thus, communist society, instead of introducing community of women, in fact abolishes it.

Introducing Theybies

Enter “Theybies” – the non-specific, gender-neutral, snowflakes of the future. They will be dependent children for the rest of their lives if past experience tells us anything. Not just that but they will be robotic in their thought processes, believing and parroting everything they are told; brainwashed sheep or members of the hive. They will vote as they are trained and question nothing. They will be the produce of a mob mentality that flourishes in stupidity and willful ignorance and blossoms into a tree of rotten fruit. Individualism is in grave danger. Critical thinking is under attack. Conservatism may be gasping for its last breath. The only antidote is a return to western idealism and a repulsion of the communist cancer that has infected the entire body politic. But how? The only way is to take a page out of the communist playbook – “get them while they’re young” as it were, and indoctrinate them into the ideology of exceptionalism and capitalism and rebuild the walls that have been crumbling down around us for too long.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

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