Welcome to LibertyOrDeath.blog

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  — Benjamin Franklin 1759


Welcome to this, my online repository of thought; a receptacle of spirited bloviation from the mind of an American patriot. It is my effort to be an originalist with regard to American exceptionalism, constitutional liberty and capitalist ideology. All ideas come from the perspective of an imperfect, sinful man (who understands he is such and in need of a Savior) who has been redeemed by the Lamb of God at the cost of His blood. These deliberations and reflections are my own – though necessarily tainted by the thoughts and dreams of our founding fathers and emboldened by the same Christ most of them worshiped. I hope to learn from my fellow patriots when possible and inculcate some wisdom where I am able.